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Spring 2017 Meeting #1 Notes

CCVT Meeting Notes


Spring Semester Meeting #1

  • There were 31 people in attendance for the meeting
    • So far the average meeting attendance for the year is at 33
  • This week is the start of a new trivia question. The “Who is that alumni?” question. This is something that will be done since current members are not familiar with the alumni of the club.
  • Officer Elections will be held at the next club meeting on Wednesday 02/08/2017.
    • If you plan to run for a position please sign up on the Officer Elections Thread on the forum.
    • If you plan on running for a position please email President Alex LaRose a campaign slide, or two, on why you should be elected. His email is [email protected] . Also, be prepared to give a very short informal speech on why you should be elected.
  • Reinstatement of the Minister of Media position. At the coming up election a renewed position will be open, the Minister of Media. This role’s duties will be to collect pictures and videos of events and meetings. Also, to make promotional flyers, pictures, and videos.
  • Car Show Update
    • Car Show is on Saturday April 15th.
    • We are looking into getting a mobile dyno to come. If this happens there will likely be a signup for people who want their vehicle to get on the dyno. This signup sheet will likely be posted on the forum.
    • We are looking to setup a virtual reality (VR) driving simulator up at the car show.
    • The car show will occur during the weekend of the 10th anniversary of the Virginia Tech Shooting. Because of this we are going to look into making the car show a for charity event and all proceeds will be donated to the memorial or something that is related. However, the logistics for this have not been worked out yet, so this is not a “for sure” thing.
    • If anyone has any ideas on what activities could happen during the car show or during car show week please post up on the forum or on the facebook page. If you do not want to make a post send me, Forest Wright, a private message on facebook or email me at [email protected] .
  • New semester event/revision of past event
    • This semester we proposed the idea of doing a cookout car competition. The goal of the event is to get 2 or more groups of 6+ people to buy a crappy car (probably less than $500) and build/mod it then compete with the other groups in a Top Gear like competition. Events may include, best autocross time, best 1/8th mile drag time, best off-road capabilities, biggest air time, best drifter, biggest burnout, etc. We will be working through the logistics to try and get this event to happen.

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