Car Club at Virginia Tech

Club Meeting 4/22/19


Officers in attendance:

Hunter Phillips

Kevin Zhu

Robert Rieker

Patrick Caron

Facebook page change and enforcement:

All officers will aid in purging the page for non-paid members (initially)

After the initial purge is complete, it will be the Treasurer and Secretary’s responsibility to monitor the Excel sheet (to be created) of paid members and cross-reference it with members of the page

Voted amendments:

**Raise dues to $40, voted yes by meeting members

**Close and patrol facebook page, 16 count unanimous vote

>Must express to members that the $40 is not just for access to the facebook page, it funds all the club activities and will help the club be able to offer more to its members

Ideas to offer to members next year with larger budget:

  • Go kart racing at VIR (VT pays for it?)
  • Tailgating
  • Golfing
  • Paintball
  • CCVT Range days
  • **one free carfax per membership provided by Trey (managed by excel sheet)

Proposed Ideas:

**Getting CCVT set up as a non profit so alumni can donate.

**Club storage unit for tools and wrenching(drinking), monitored by a quartermaster inventory check out the list, also used for club items like A-frames, grille, etc.

**Club fundraiser each semester for non-profit gains

BIG **Use club autocross as a competition reason to get VT to pay for events

**Bring back membership cards

**Enforce sign up sheets for cookouts and tailgates

**Create tailgate sign-ups for each tailgate

**Show membership cards at tailgates to get a free burger (enforce people bringing things and paying dues)

**Alumni goody bags

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