Car Club at Virginia Tech

Meeting Notes

CCVT Meeting #7 Notes


Meeting #7

  • 24 Members in attendance for the 7th meeting, slight decrease compared to previous meeting
  • Upcoming Events
    • Saturday November 5th – Autocross at ZMax in Charlotte, NC.
      • Carpool/Convoy at 5:30am at North Main Food Lion
    • Saturday November 12th – CCVT Beer Olympics (Locatio TBD)
      • Teams of 4, representing a car and/or car brand
      • A series of drinking events
      • Get lit
    • Thursday November 17th – CCVT Thanksgiving at Carson Wittwer’s Place in the Retreat
      • Bring a dish and/or beverages to receive dinner (No contribution, no dinner)
        • Sign up list will go live soon so keep an eye out
      • Saturday December 3rd – CCVT Secret Santa and Ugly Sweater Party (Location TBD)
      • Thursday December 8th – Reading Day Swap Meet (P5 of Perry Street Garage)
        • Come out take a break from studying and/or drinking your sorrows away
        • Possible pizza at the swap meet
      • Reminders
        • Pre-registration for ZMax autocross ends at 8pm tomorrow (Thursday November 3rd)
        • Weekly Swap meet tomorrow (Thursday November 3rd)
        • If you are feeling stressed about school work or anything just remember, a quick drive down a backroad can sooth the mind.
        • FYP

CCVT Meeting #6 Notes

CCVT Meeting #6 Notes


  • 38 People in attendance
  • New club sweatshirts were handed out to members that were in attendance
  • Upcoming events were discussed
    • Car Show Promo Thursday (10/20) – Squires Plaza 10am-3pm
      • Cars: Jetta GLI Hella Slammed (Chris Meyer), 2016 Camaro SS, and Nissan Figaro (Duncan Imports)
    • Miami Game Tailgate Thursday (10/20) – Back row near Prices Fork in Prices Fork Lot 5, 3pm-7:30pm
    • Tour of Duncan Imports Friday (10/21) at 3pm
    • Car Wash at Foxridge, after Duncan Imports tour
    • Car Show!!! Saturday (10/22) 9:30am-3pm – Prices Fork Lot 5
    • Cookout Saturday (10/22) – Brock’s mom’s farm on Catawba, 6pm-6am
    • Hangover Sunday (10/23) 6am-6pm


  • Don’t forget to FYP
  • Order Mugs, ordering will close Wednesday (10/26) at midnight
  • Contact Brock Clayton for any sticker or banner needs

CCVT Fall 2k16 Meeting #5

CCVT Meeting #5 Notes


  • 32 People in attendance
  • Moonball Recap
    • We got crushed in volleyball
    • 2 Members injured during the battle (Jackson Johnson and Thomas Kidd)
  • Sweatshirt ordering went live 10/05/2016 and will run until 10/12/2016 at midnight.
  • CCVT Beer mugs went for sale on 10/05/2016 and will continue to be sold until a date that is not determined yet.
  • Current CCVT Fund Balance is at $1219.26 as of 10/05/2016
  • Madison Motorsports Cookout and Autocross (10/08-10/09)
    • We dominated at the autocross.
  • Guest Lecture from Brock Clayton (AKA: UncleB, Basement Inhabitant, Owner of a several non-operational vehicles) about autocrossing and to be the best.
  • New Paid Member cards were distributed at the end of the meeting.


  • Car Show is Saturday October 22, 2016 from 8am-3pm
  • Don’t forget to FYP
  • Order Sweatshirts and Mugs
  • Contact Brock Clayton for any sticker or banner needs