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Meeting Notes

Meeting 08/31/2016 Notes

CCVT Notes


Meeting #2

  • Meeting started at 7:00pm and was held in room 104 in Johnston Student Center.
  • There were 38 people in attendance and all officers were present.
  • T-Shirt design was voted on.
    • The ruling was that Chasom’s (CCVT Alum) design is going to be used for the T-Shirts.
    • The color of the T-Shirts was voted on and they are going to be dark grey.
  • Langlee King (New member, Sophomore) presented slides on an event called MOONBALL (To Build Strong Girls) hosted by her sorority. The event covers multiple days and there are multiple events taking place. We decided that we would participate in these events since it is for a good cause.
  • A vote was taken on whether or not to use club funds to purchase a club megaphone.
    • The vote was successful.
  • A vote was taken on whether or not to use club funds to purchase supplies to build a club Cornhole set to be used at club events.
    • The vote was successful.
  • The first VT home football game is coming up and we are planning to do a tailgate. There seemed to be interest in the idea and Carlos Sanchez (Senior member) was gracious enough to lend us his grill to use at the tailgate.
  • Jerermy Campbell (Super Senior member) offered to create a design on the cornholes boards once they are finished. The boards will be VT and Car themed. Should be a killer cornhole set.
  • Meeting ended at 8:00pm.

Meeting 8/24/2016