Car Club at Virginia Tech

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Car Club at Virginia Tech?

Car Club at Virginia Tech was founded in 1997 and has been growing ever since. As the largest club on Campus for automotive enthusiasts and car lovers alike, we are a club based out of Virginia Tech for people who love automobiles to meet and hang out. CCVT participates in local HPDE, cruises, hosts car shows, hangouts and spends time together wrenching and sharing our love and passion for cars throughout the year at Virginia Tech. If you want to know more than a brief description, visit this page.

How do I join the Car Club at Virginia Tech?

Joining the club is easy. Simply message an officer on Facebook, stating you would like to learn more, come out to a swap meet page, and/or come to a bi-weekly meeting. Our meeting times may vary, but will always be posted on our Facebook page.


What is involved in joining?

The CCVT charges $40 a year for dues. This is payable in Venmo only. Contact an officer for any further questions.

What does membership entitle me to?

Being a paid member of CCVT entitles you to use club tools, free entry to both car shows, access to the private section of the forums and the facebook page, membership cards, discounts with our sponsors, and free food at cookouts, tailgates and pizza parties. The money also goes towards the website, and other equipment the club has available. (Specifically for the year of 2020-2021, membership will include a CCVT T-shirt, CCVT sticker, and other goodies.)

Do I need a car to enter the CCVT?

No! Plenty of CCVT members are in a long transitional period between vehicles. We welcome everyone, regardless of if you drive an import, domestic, motorcycle, truck, bus, or walk everywhere. All you need is a general interest in cars and the desire to learn more.

Can I become a member for only one semester?

We’d encourage you to join in the fall to fully benefit from membership in CCVT. That said, we understand that some people don’t discover CCVT until the spring, and do offer a discounted rate for those joining then.

What kind of motorsports is the club involved in?

The CCVT participates primarily in AutoX events and drag racing events. We also have members involved in track events at locations like Summit Point and VIR.

Justin fakes lifting a car.

I have a 900 horsepower XYZ that would beat all your cars, lets street race?

The CCVT does not endorse or support any street racing, or any other illegal activities. We have set up AutoX caravans, nights at the drag strip, Dyno days, and many other events to satisfy everyone’s needs. Likewise, the CCVT is not a competition for who has the most expensive or fastest car. As a diverse group, we enjoy cars with 90hp as much as we enjoy the ones with 750. Multi-colored cars with homemade parts are heavily encouraged and welcomed into the club.

I know absolutely nothing about cars and only drive my moms ’87 Ford Taurus, should I join the club?

Again, the club is all about learning and meeting new people. Even if you don’t have a motorized vehicle of any sort, and don’t know what a transmission is, everyone is encouraged to join the club.


If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them on the Facebook page. (You must be a member of the club to post, contact an admin on our “Car Club at Virginia Tech” page for joining the “Car Club of Virginia Tech” page.)