Car Club at Virginia Tech

About Us

Want to know what we’re all about? No problem.


– We’re all about cars. We buy them, sell them, modify them, trade them, collect them, break them, fix them, hate them, and love them. We clean them up and show them off, and we dirty them up and go off-roading. We, as a group, participate regularly in AutoX events, race on the drag strip, and get involved in various kinds of track events.


We’re not all about cars. You don’t need to know anything about cars or even have a car to be a part of the club. You will not be liked any more or any less if your car has 90 hp or 900 hp. We are a car club, but we are also basically just a large group of friends who do anything and everything. We hang out, go to Hokie Football games, go to local comedy shows, and do loads of other schenanigans.


We’re about learning. This is college, after all. Being part of the club means leaning new things all the time–especially about cars! You will learn great stuff even if (or should I say especially if) you think you know everything.


We’re about doing. We love giving our knowledge a test run all the time. Our members have engaged in all kinds of automotive projects, from simple wheel changes to hardcore engine modifications to Formula 1. We love helping others with their projects and have the resources to do so.


We’re big. We have hundreds of active members not only in Virginia, but also across the country, and even some out of the country!


We’re small. There are not so many of us that you’ll ever feel like a number or like “that kid.” In fact, you’ll feel like part of a family. You won’t feel overwhelmed or isolated. It’s also very easy to scoop out a small group from the club to become close friends with.


We’re students. Many of our members take classes and live right here in Blackburg and on-campus, and are very easily accessible. We take classes together. We discuss ideas. We love learning.


– We’re alumni. Many of our members have already earned their Virginia Tech diploma and are out in the working world. You cannot overestimate the value of this fact. Get advice. Work your network. Become friends with people who have done it already.


We’re diverse. We are made up of various backgrounds, experiences, opinions, interests, professions, majors, ages, races, and genders. Because that’s HOW AMERICA DOES IT. And it’s worked out pretty well so far.


We’re alike. Because we are so diverse, we are also so alike. You will immediately find and become friends with like-minded people while still being part of the CCVT identity.


We won’t haze you or anything. Don’t be scared. Seriously, we realize that new members of any group (especially in college) will sometimes feel less respected, embraced, or wanted. Also, some people don’t like making big social advancements because it feels awkward. I’m now speaking from personal experience: joining this club was one of the best decisions I’ve made because it helped me grow socially and personally. If there’s any reason you’re feeling tedious about joining, just give it a chance, and it’ll be worth it. That’s it.


Join us today. It’ll be awesome.