Car Club at Virginia Tech


CCVT Members actively participate in Blue Ridge Region SCCA AutoX events. Members typically will caravan to events around the area. If you’re new to AutoX this is a great way to learn the sport from an array of drivers with a wide range of abilities.

Learn to enjoy and explore the mountain roads in the backwoods of Virginia. Drive yourself or just go for a ride to enjoy the scenery. Traveling in a group insures that you don’t wind up lost or stranded in the event something goes wrong with your vehicle.
Spring and Fall Car Shows:
The CCVT throws its car show twice a year during the fall and spring semesters. All paid members receive free entry. There is a wide range of vehicles from classic muscle cars, to modified trucks, to high powered imports. All makes and models are welcome, and categories are divided so even people with stock vehicles can win a trophy.